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I worked with Pamela many years ago, and I’m delighted to see what she has created for herself and her family! She has (quite rightly) been nominated for (and won) a bucketful of awards, and I wish her every success. Proud to know you Pamela!!… John D

Pamela Aculey: Diversity & Inclusion Tech Education - Author - Speaker

So I finally got round to filming a little intro video about me, and my start-ups 'Just Like Me' Books and 'Mixed Reality'.

As a mum of three bi-racial boys, one who is autistic - I know just how important representation is. I also know that there is a huge lack of it in both tech education and children's literature. And I'm also a great believer that if you're not helping to make it right, then you can't sit back complaining about it being wrong.

So here we are. Helping to make it right.


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