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Elevated Planet, Edition Forty Four

“Dead-Happy” with Grant Lottering, loving life in a superhuman way!

Part Two of “The Twiglet Zone In conversation with Miguel Mendonca!” Time to change your reality! (Just sayin’)

Classic Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and incredible Jazz with Adonis Rose


Divine Inspiration!

The latest from our “Dead-Happy” series

Grateful thanks to Andy, our Elevated Planet Community member, (a Brit living in Franklin, Tennessee). Andy was the inspiration for the following:

Andy has been supporting Grant Lottering from South Africa on his latest fund raising cycling venture across California, with Andy even running 2.5 miles up Mount Baldy in flipflops alongside Grant during his ascent! (don’t try this at home kids!)

Grant must have been considering seeking a restraining order by the end of it (“there’s a madman in flipflops running alongside me!!”)

Grant cycled for 53 hours, climbed 15 mountains and 60 thousand feet in so doing, and slept just 2 hours! “Serious mind over matter” as Andy put it. And Andy of course did exactly the same, just in his flipflops! (actually, I made that last bit up :-), though he was an important element of “Team Grant!”

So what has this to do with “Dead-Happy”?

Well, you know how I keep banging on about how wonderful the death experience is? In fact I see it as transcendence, a beautiful thing! Well, Grant died, so he gets to tell you about it!

Only thing is he didn’t get to hang about on “the other side” (although he wanted to) because he had an important mission to complete back on this side of the veil. And it has to be said, he is making a magnificent job of showing just how incredible he is, and indeed we all are.

Because what Grant has found in his “internal locker”, we all have access to. Grant “came back” to inspire us, and particularly those who may be going through their own trauma. It is never too late to reach for that celestial “blank slate” to redefine your reality. You are more powerful than you can imagine.

Don’t fall for the programming and conditioning that is designed to keep you small. Grant didn’t, he chose to defy the odds and seize the opportunity to become “superhuman”! This is a superpower we can all access. And you may be pleased to hear, we don’t necessarily have to die to get there, we just have to wake up to who we really are.

We are capable of so much more than we realize!


Twiglet Zone in conversation with Miguel Mendonca, Part Two

Miguel is an author and musician based in Bristol, England.

Miguel first came to my attention in April as I continued my research into understanding life both on this planet and beyond. Miguel Co-authored a book “Meet the Hybrids” that I had the pleasure of reading, and it helped me reach a broader understanding of so many things.

This was closely followed by two other books I thoroughly enjoyed too, including “We Are the Disclosure”.

We Are the Disclosure is the follow-up to Meet the Hybrids, and goes deeper and wider on the topic of ETs, UFOs and hybrids, and seeks the big picture of what all of this adds up to in terms of purpose and significance.

Disclosure features interviews with many of the most important figures in the field for the last 60 years, including Barbara Lamb, Mary Rodwell and Dr. Leo Sprinkle, and some of those we have sadly lost, including Stanton Friedman, Jim Marrs, Clifford Stone and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

With reference to the subject of disclosure at a government level, I think Miguel sums it up very well with a series of quotes, including:

  • “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is!” - Winston Churchill

  • “It is surely harmful to souls, to make it heresy to believe what is proved” - Galileo

  • “Deny in toto” - CIA

I personally believe the lid is about to be blown on the myriad of cover-ups and suppression that has been going on for over 100 years. And as Miguel puts it, “we are the disclosure”, quite literally.

This is of course all very much “The Twiglet Zone” subject matter, but Miguel’s research adds so much substance to our previous narrative. Of course, you have to decide for yourselves whether this represents “truth, or deluded nonsense”?

I’m exceptionally grateful to Miguel for being so generous with his time. The interview has been serialized into “bite sized chunks”. You can access Part Two by clicking on the pic of “We Are the Disclosure” (this includes a brief summary of Part One for those that missed it)


Now for Something Completely Different

One of my favorite bands of wandering minstrels ever!

I recall watching Monty Python & The Holy Grail back when I was a kid and loving the craziness of it. My friend and I got pretty good at singing this song while re-enacting the wonderful horsemanship, (particularly if we could find some coconut halves).

The musical style is not quite Miguel’s “Sokamiru” Galactic theme, but it is very good nonetheless!


Keep Your Soul Together (Live)

So, changing the groove just a little from Brave Sir Robin’s Happy Minstrel’s, care of the wonderful Jole’ Gabrielle we are playing out this week with Adonis Rose. This is an amazing example of organic Jazz perfection!


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