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Elevated Planet: Edition 1 of the 2022/23 Season

Last week saw the culmination of Year One of Elevated Planet with Edition Fifty Two. So now we go Back to the Future with Edition 1 of the 2022/23 season!

And there is presently much excitement at Elevated Planet, as next week sees the first gathering of our “Elevated Planet Events Collective”. A motley crew of Healers (of differing modalities), Light-Workers, Spirit Workers of many persuasions, all coming together in Somerset, UK (and via Zoom), to work towards the creation of events that are destined to provide an amazing sensory experience!

A Cranial Retention Helmet will be recommended, as your minds may well be blown (and we don’t want to have to clear up the mess!).. Just sayin’!!

Talking of minds being blown this edition brings you: (see additional Blogs)

Part Two of The Twiglet Zone: “in conversation with Sheila Seppi”

Sheila explains why dark energies are so visible on the planet right now!

What is happening to Gaia and what are the implications and likely timelines!

For those that doubted it, scientific proof of the existence of our soul energy!

The threat of nuclear war, why there is nothing to fear regardless of outcome!

All this followed by The Legend that is Carlos Santana & Friends!

But first.. It’s time for us to fall victim to a Pandemic!

The Pandemic of Higher Consciousness is Officially

The World’s Favourite Pandemic!

“Come and get infected today” (World Health Organisations words, not mine!)

Welcome to our Joyous, “Peoples Pandemic”

The Pandemic of Higher Consciousness is highly contagious, and there is no known cure!

Pandemic of Higher Consciousness: The symptoms to watch for:

The symptoms include excessive happiness, along with a sense of bliss, gratitude, love, fearlessness, liberation and a joyous uninhibited freedom of expression.

Watch out for a burning sensation:

Rather than self-isolating to contain the outbreak, you will feel a burning desire to spread this pandemic far and wide.

Facemask recommended:

A facemask is recommended to hide that big, stupid grin of serenity and contentment permanently attached to your face!

The source of the Pandemic:

Government Agencies have revealed that the source of the outbreak has been tracked to a series of Guided Meditations created by Elevated Planet..

Guided Meditation to Cultivate Forgiveness, of Self & Others

Forgiveness involves letting go of judgement of the self, and of others, says Jole', our LiCo (Lighted Consciousness) Chief Spiritual Officer.

We often find it easier to forgive others than ourselves, and any lack of forgiveness gets stuck in our Heart Chakra, and it also affects the lower Chakras, thereby immobilising us in our energy body, as we remain filled with anger, judgement and unforgiveness.

This Guided Meditation offers us the opportunity to clear out issues from our past, thereby freeing us up for our future journey, liberated from the constraints of unforgiveness.

Click on the pic to go to the meditation

Jole’, is an exceptionally talented Clairvoyant & Theta Healer, and she is available to our Elevated Planet Community for personal readings, (regardless of geography).

Email JohnDrew@ElevatedPlanet.Life and we will make the magic happen


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