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Death is a Fiction, it doesn't exist..

Comment relating to our Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God) inspired event on Sunday 29th October 2023.. (link to the video here)..

I (John Drew) have been beating the 'Dead-Happy' drum for quite some time, so it is always useful to add independent context around these seeming 'ravings of a lunatic!' :-).

In truth, I know many 'right-brainers' already understand this, and a few 'left-brainers' too. But it does run contrary to the programming and conditioning we receive through life, even though much of this conditioning is deliberately distorted, and does not serve us. It keeps us so much less than we really are. For those who are able, it is time to wake up to a magnificent truth. It is impossible for us to die!

Once we accept this as truth, not only do we become fearless, but we can look at the physical death / transcendence that goes on in the world through a different lens. One that lifts the grief and anger from the pointless conflicts that are once again gathering pace around the world. Instead we can view this through the lens of neutrality, understanding that there is a divine purpose to all this, and despite appearances, no one is truly dying. The density has to come into the light, so that it can be flushed away.

In reality, all is as it should be. As has been foretold for thousands of years. This era is a doorway from one age of mankind into another. The new age will be one of enlightenment. The density of fear and war energy will have dropped away. It will be one of significant technological advancement, and an existence that pulls us back in line with the natural balance and harmony that any inhabited planet needs to survive.

The reason this 'death thing' is so important right now, is because we are likely to see a continuing escalation of conflict over the next months and years. At some point we will all be affected one way or another. So, forewarned is forearmed. The temptation will be to drop into fear, unless you understand the bigger picture. Then you can deal with the disruption in an appropriate way. You can feel the excitement of the approaching new era, and you can be a beacon of hope for those around you.


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