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Next Week.. The Twiglet Zone brings you an interview that will bend your mind like a Pretzel (Dolores Cannon’s words, not mine).

The interview is with Sheila Seppi, who identifies herself as a “Walk-in”. What is a Walk-in? Well, it is best to await Sheila’s explanation.

Her book: Walk-ins. The Cosmology of the Soul is truly amazing, and she is another incredible person who is here on the planet at this time to help elevate humanity (and Elevated Planet is all about that!)

Grateful thanks to Dave T, who kindly reviews Twiglet Zone interview’s for us (pre-release). Dave provides an honest opinion from someone who has not previously considered “this kind of nonsense” within his version of reality:

Dave: Shiela comes across as believable and has experienced something that has also happened to others. As I have said before, for the doubters it’s a quantum leap but as Sheila says, if it hadn’t happened to her she would remain a non believer. All interesting stuff. I guess we are so conditioned to believe what’s in front of us, to start thinking outside of the ‘norm’ is scary. It’s clearly easier for those who have experienced a life changing experience (like Fay/Shiela). In fairness they seem very happy people!

Dave’s final quote / words of wisdom:You must always be willing to truly consider evidence that contradicts your beliefs, and admit the possibility that you may be wrong. Intelligence isn’t knowing everything, it’s the ability to challenge everything you know”.

For my part, I 100% agree with Dave’s quote. Back in 2018 I was forced to realise how wrong I had about the nature of existence. The journey that followed my epiphany has been as mind-bending as it has been glorious. Truth or Deluded Nonsense? Truth.. Always.. :-)


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