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Are you aware of DUMBS & DUCs?

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

DUMBS & Dumber..

Most people are not aware that Deep Underground Military Bases have been a thing for many decades. For one thing, these Top Secret bases are where they keep the ARV's (Alien Reproduction Vehicles), and it is also a place where people (& other beings) get experimented upon and weaponized. This is all happening under our feet, and for the most part we are none the wiser.

How are these DUMBS created?

Well, Bechtel Corporation (amongst others) created a nuclear tunneling vehicle that heats the surrounding area to a temperature of 2,000 degrees, melting all in its way while creating a "glassified walling" with no debris to be disposed of.

DUMBS & Dumber, And now DUCs

Did you know that DUCS also exist? Deep Underground City's?

In truth, I don't know if they are known as DUCs, but for now I'm going with it, because it aligns nicely with DUMBS, which really is the name they go under.

These DUCs are for the "elite" in case they mess things up so badly, they need somewhere to go once the surface is no longer inhabitable (that particular legacy is left for us). Kind of getting their DUC's in a row (just in case).

Where are these cities? Top secret locations of course as they don't want those not being offered a "Willie Wonka Golden Ticket" to know where to head if disaster strikes.

However (spoiler alert), I believe Manston Airport in Kent may sit over a UK based DUC (just sayin!).. And what goes on in those tunnels under Glastonbury? Where do they lead? There have been pretty strange goings on witnessed by residents, and even stranger noises heard coming from under the ground, some of them very chilling.

I think this warrants further investigation, so watch this space..

The Armageddon Agenda

I know there are those out there who are convinced that Armageddon is supposed to happen, and their agenda is to facilitate it. Dr. Greer has uncovered much evidence as to the validity of this.

I would add that were an Armageddon type event to take place, I'd be comfortable with the idea of "going home" (as I see it), because death is not to be feared, it is the most beautiful experience in life (and if I'm wrong, you get your money back).

To pass back to the non-physical world of spirit would be an easier option, rather than living underground knowing of the death and destruction that has been brought to Mother Earth & creation. But equally I'm loving being here in the physical realm and fascinated to see where this journey takes us. This is a crucial time in the history of the planet, and it is an honor to be here.

Interesting times lay ahead of us, and while this may read as such, this is far from doom and gloom. Because, for every act of darkness, there is an equal and opposite act of light, it is universal law that this is so. It is important to always be mindful of this point, as the media obsesses on the darkness. It encourages people to see this as the only truth, when it is absolutely impossible for this to be so.

We always have a choice over the path we take, the light or the dark. But this decision can only be made with conscious awareness of the facts. The next years will see an unfolding of these facts. The Disclosure Conference in Washington DC, 10th-12th June is an important stepping stone in getting to the real truth of how mankind has been manipulated for the benefit of the few.

Meanwhile, be aware of the possibility of false flag events under the guise of alien threat. In reality there is no bigger threat to humanity, than humanity.

Rather than getting drawn into the drama, we have the choice to drop out of fear, and into the celebration that life was always intended to be here in this physical realm. We are able to do it because the truth has set us free. Community consciousness is a mighty powerful thing and your Elevated Planet Community is a beautiful place to be.

John Drew

(JohnDrew@ElevatedPlanet.Life, or contact us through ElevatedPlanet.Life/Contact)


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