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Ain’t nobody here but us chickens..

(or is there?) Time to scratch below the surface?

When you examine the weight of evidence that our galactic cousins (ET’s) are already amongst us, it is overwhelming. And you don’t have to take my word for it (nor indeed should you), you simply have to free your mind to the possibility and having done so, start to explore the substantial evidence with eyes and mind open. Brace yourself for a shock?

Yet so few of us realise this simple truth about our intrepid galactic friends! So we have to ask why is that the case?

What you soon come to realise, is that this demonstrates the success of the ongoing campaign of deliberate disinformation and ridicule applied to something that has actually been staring us in the face all along. It also relies on the fact that most people just want to get on with their lives and not concern themselves too much with the thought.

However, there is a bigger point here. If so many can be successfully deceived, what other “realities” have we been spoon-fed over the decades in order for the master-manipulators to control the way we think? The more you examine that point, the more alarming it becomes. You realise that these people continue to shape our realities to this very day, and their control of the mainstream media allow them the ability to do this with ease.

Who are these people? Well, Nostradamus referred to them as the cabal, he also referenced two men specifically, one based in London, one based in New York. They are very well hidden, but they control most of the economy of both the known world and the third world and they manipulate governments. He said that these men would also set the scene for the third antichrist.

Nostradamus saw possible or probable futures. We know much of what he saw has come to pass including the second antichrist (Hitler) & the way the second world war played out, and he foresaw the attack that took place on 9/11. But because timelines change, nothing he saw was absolute. As Nostradamus, said Prévenu est prévenu”! (or forewarned is forearmed). He hoped that through his prophecies some things could be averted.

How dangerous does it get? Well, we are currently being led into a war on a bunch of false beliefs, just as has happened multiple times before. An obvious recent example was the Gulf War, which was instigated to gain control of oil production under the false claim that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Understandably, not many had sympathy for Sadam Hussain, but how many innocent people had to die or have their lives destroyed in order for the western world to seize these prized assets?

There are those that make significant amounts of money by propagating war. They are very powerful people, they have significant control over governments and they do they concern themselves with “collateral damage”, it’s just a power game.

The creation of fear, lack of resources and money, division between nations, the call to instant judgement, the media obsession with only showing the darkness when so much light exists in the world, encourages people to buy into the war narrative. People will feel that we have no choice, we have to defend the righteous and defeat the enemy.

This cycle of distortion and manipulation has to be broken and that time is coming. That’s not to say that war will be avoided, because I believe this has to play out to let us get to where we are going.

However, particularly from 2027 onwards, the chickens will come home to roost and a lot of powerful people will be sent to the planetary naughty step “to think about what they’ve done!” Thereafter the truth will fully unfurl itself, and as we know “the truth will set us free”. Free to live a life of inner-peace, happiness, kindness & compassion. We just need to break out of this misaligned programming and conditioning and find out how incredible we each are.

I believe that in the near term, some of us will be so steeped in the reality we’ve been fed for our entire lives, that we may be unable to escape its bonds. And that is completely understandable, it isn’t easy to come to terms with the idea that we have been misled on such a grand scale.

It’s like we are all chickens on a battery farm with the opportunity to go “free-range”. Some of us chickens will refuse to believe that a world exists outside of our pen. So the question you have to ask yourself, is "what sort of chicken am I?"

As for me, I’m heading out into the meadow to scratch myself up some bugs & worms! (Sound appetizing to you too?)

In order to find our freedom, we firstly have to appreciate that we have been misled, and that the time has come for us to take back our power. How? We simply step out of fear into fearlessness, then no one holds power over us.

And you need fear no one, and no thing!

Why? Well, ask yourself what is the worst that can happen? Of course, that brings us neatly to the subject of death. However, (regardless of its negative image), death is the most beautiful transcendent experience that will ever happen in your life, there is absolutely no reason to fear it. I personally guarantee it, (and if I’m wrong, you get your money back!). Imagine the liberating feeling of leaving your physical body, just like taking off a badly fitting shoe, and off you go escaping this density, and back home to perfection!

And I don’t say that to encourage you to prematurely end it all, to take an early exit to the place of unconditional love. Life here in the physical realm is a gift to be honoured. And how do we honour our mortal existence? By living life joyously and fearlessly, with true freedom of expression intermingled with kindness, compassion and a sense of community (and of course karaoke, Dad-Dancing & other forms of uninhibited fun).

Remember, however dark things may seem on the planet during these next three years (and I believe they will get dark), there is an equal and opposite amount of light. It is a fundamental law of the universe that this is so.

The way things get presented to us may focus on the dark. But you have the choice to switch off from anything that encourages you to feel fearful or angry, because you now realise that it is designed to keep you so much less than you are.

You are here to experience joy (amongst many other high frequency emotions). If what you consume does not fill you with happiness & inner-peace, then just know it is not supporting your wellbeing. Following your bliss is the answer, because that is the reason you are here, and that leads to your personal growth.

We each choose our path. Maybe it is time to awaken to this incredible opportunity to celebrate life the way it was always intended to be?

It is the time of The Great Awakening after all, and it is the reason we chose to come here at this time, and despite the darkness, everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

So, while I know I shouldn’t be counting chickens, care to join me in the meadow? You get to choose, Free Range or Battery?

Either selection is right for you, but it is important to know you have a choice.

Truth or deluded clucking nonsense? You decide!


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