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Hi there,

My name is Kerry Eden, I am an authentic psychic medium and I have worked with the spirit world my entire life, literally from childhood until the present, having witnessed that which some might consider as profoundly paranormal events since I was just a baby.


Perhaps unsurprisingly therefore, it also seems worth noting that I was born within a considerably long line of working mediums. I am also based in the U.K, where I am a certificated tarot card reader and reiki master. Mediumship is quite literally my life, not just a vocation or a job.

See the video at the foot of the page to hear from Kerry

Although I am in the U.K, I have been very fortunate to have read for people all around the world, from Asia, America, Europe and beyond, including some household names and very influential people. It does not therefore matter where you are located, I do not need to be face to face in order to receive messages from your loved ones. It truly does not work in that manner and I trust that my reviews will speak for themselves. 

This can also be achieved in many ways; face to face via a Whatsapp video call, a one to one telephone call, or if either of those methods feel uncomfortable in any way, then you can choose to receive your reading via written email.


A full mediumship reading usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour, I always meditate for at least an hour beforehand and I do not stipulate any time limits in the slightest. I always give that which I receive no matter how long it might take and no matter how unusual or extraordinary a piece of information might seem.

A full mediumship reading also includes the following; Messages from spirit loved ones and, unless you decide otherwise, I also consult the tarot cards for: Relationships, romantic and platonic, career and finances, health and wellbeing and your general future.


My readings are all encompassing, but they can also be tailored to suit exactly what you wish to receive. I also always ask my clients if they have any questions to please ask them, but if you prefer not to, then that's perfectly fine too.

Love and Light


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