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"The Pandemic of Higher Consciousness" is Officially...

The World’s Favourite Pandemic!

No vaccine, face-mask, social distancing or hand-wash required for “the peoples pandemic” for which there is no known cure! (thankfully :-)

“Come and get infected today” (World Health Organisations words… not mine!)

A Guided Meditation to help remove blockages to self-love

It is said that before you can truly love others, you first have to learn to love yourself. Self-love enables us to put our "best-self" out there into the world, which in turn helps us communicate our heart-centred authentic truth, fearlessly.

We are each a little slice of the divine, and self-love is also love of our greater power and purpose which can remain hidden if we cannot find self-love.

So the opposite to self-love is self-loathing. It is a highly destructive thought pattern that does not allow us to make the most of our time here during this physical incarnation here on Earth.

Jole's guided meditation takes us through the steps to clear these destructive patterns from our Heart Chakra, and bring down new aspects that bring us into that all important “self-love state of being”.

Click on Jole’s pic to access the video


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