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The Great Awakening and a glimpse into our future with Nostradamus, 2023 & beyond

Just imagine if the following was true. A possible future as foretold..

Nostradamus predicted many things that have come to pass exactly as described. But not all do, because as Nostradamus himself said, prévenu est prévenu, (forewarned is forearmed).

What is The Great Awakening all about?

It is the realisation that we are immortal spirits having a human experience, and that life in this physical realm is to be cherished, but we need fear nothing, because we can never die. Our lifeforce energy simply transmutes from the physical entity to the non-physical, bringing a feeling of absolute liberation of our release from the limitations of a physical body.

It is the realisation that our true power as spiritual beings has been suppressed for centuries by those who wish to wield power and control, but this knowledge frees us from our past distorted reality, and creates true freedom. This allows us to tap into the high frequency energies of “love of self” as a divine being, and love of all of creation. It enables us to live joyous lives filled with kindness, compassion, with fulfilment, happiness and laughter as a core state of our being.

According to the predictions, organised religions will cease to exist as distorted dogmas are brought into the spotlight and seen for what they are, and because we come to know that we are already everything we need to be. And when we gather our high vibrational energies together our group consciousness is enormously powerful.

It is a time where our relationship with many other galactic races is normalised, and they will help us to rebuild our future civilisation as a heart based spiritual community.

This is destined to be a time of enormous physical change on the planet, but this may happen over decades, indeed it has already begun. The ice caps will completely melt as Earth shifts on its axis, and there will be significant disruption through, earthquakes, volcanic activity and severe weather events.

This is a result of both man-made activity due to chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, particularly if the foretold antichrist fulfils the prophecies, but also as energies shift naturally in the universe, because this really is a time of significant change on so many levels.

Many things we know about civilisation today will be lost, including buildings, infrastructure, and our entire monetary system. The planet is set to become 90% ocean, 10% land mass. There will be much disease and few resources to sustain the remaining population.

Our galactic friends will be here to help us find the cures to the diseases and disharmony, and to rebuild homes and infrastructure in a sustainable manner that supports a better, enlightened future for the survivors of the changes. Our galactic friends are already amongst us in human form, as hybrids of various types, walk-in souls or Star-seeds, bringing their high vibrational energies to help us in our ascension process.

Who is the antichrist? His name is not known, but according to the Nostradamus star chart, his date of birth was 5th February 1962, believed to be born in Egypt. His parents were killed by his Uncle, though made to look like it was part of a conflict with Israel. The Uncle was an Imam, but he had long since sold his soul to the dark forces, and represents a satanic energy. He brings up the boy under his influence, grooming him for his future role on Earth as an antichrist so malevolent that it foreshadows all the atrocities that Hitler perpetrated.

At the time the antichrist rises to power, he will be hailed as a saviour to the world during 'the time of troubles' (as Nostradamus referred to it), and it is the support of his followers, oblivious to this dark agenda that helps him get a true grip on power. He is highly intelligent and has significant control over technology, and mankind has become such a slave to technology that we are now exceptionally vulnerable to his control agenda.

What pass as strokes of technological genius to save the world, becomes a noose that can be tightened at will. The unproductive elements of society will be eliminated.

However, where there is extreme darkness, there is also extreme light is equal measure, it is a law of the universe. Ogmios represents this light, and the nemesis to the antichrist. Born 17th October 1952, he will lead the resistance, and ultimately the antichrist's dark quest will fail. Interestingly, having referred these details to Human Futurologist, Chris Styles of 365 Pin Code, this birth date and name mean Ogmios codes out as an exceptionally rare 33//6, the ultimate master number, also known as Christ Consciousness.

As I say all this, remember that we can never die, regardless of how this planetary future plays out. We all chose to be here at this time of change, and we each have a role to play.

For those who can awaken to the magnificent truth of who we really are, we can come together in a powerful spirit of community consciousness and rise beyond the density that is still part of the evolution of mankind. There is no good, there is no bad, there just is. But we each have freewill to choose our journey, whether you are ready for the high frequency fifth dimensional energy, or choose to remain in the third dimensional lower frequency energies, there is no right and there is no wrong.

I believe that regardless of the future challenges, those who come together as warriors for the light, can make a huge difference as a beacon for those around them. And when I define “warriors”, I do so in a way that does not sink into needless violence and aggression, it is to be the light that others can choose to follow, that they too may find their own inner light. We ALL have it, and we all have access to Christ consciousness within us, it is simply a question of whether we choose to activate it.

Exciting isn’t it!


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