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KrEaTiVe kOrNeR with Andrew Vickers

Celebrating creativity (& love) within our community.

Love these candle-holding sculptures by AV Art, a great opportunity to celebrate the love of your life with a relationship literally carved in stone (just keep a chisel close to hand in case it ever goes tits-up).

Or, if you don’t have “a special someone” right now, then maybe just have your own initials carved in? After all “self-love” is very important in helping us lead our best possible life. So why not demonstrate your “unconditional love of self” with a big beautiful heart shaped candle-lit sculpture!

(What do you mean? No! It’s not in the least bit weird!!)..

Just imagine the look on the faces of your family & friends at the unveiling ceremony!

Click on the image to go to the website!

A Jole’ guided meditation follows next week to help us to get deeper into this all important “self-love state of being”. Maybe you can meditate in front of your new heart shaped sculpture with your initials on it!?


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