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Evolution of Elevated Planet, the Afterlife, mankind, & our Galactic Cousins are here (thankfully)

by John Drew, EP Co-Founder

I am excited to announce that we are making progress towards getting our “Readers & Healers section of our ElevatedPlanet.Life website up and running!

This is where you will be able to research "spirit workers" such as Mediums, Psychics or a variety of healing modalities, and book a session through the site.

We still have plenty of work to ensure it is robust, but once completed, it delivers part of a long held vision for the EP community. Also starting early in 2023 will be our Elevated Planet Events, but more on that to follow.

This journey all started for me back in 2018 after I had my first ever Reading with a Medium, something I would never have thought to do had in not been for my daughter who had her first ever Reading three months earlier. She received beautifully supportive messages for herself, but also highly specific messages to pass on to me! I had been a sceptic to that point, but now realised I needed a Reading of my own to experience this for myself and see what was going on!

My daughter did some research and found a highly rated Medium for me to see. Susan Grau in Orange County California had a 3-month waiting list, but was well worth the wait. With hindsight, I realise this was undoubtedly the best $250 I have ever spent! It changed my life forever by proving beyond any doubt that the afterlife exists, and that my loved ones who had transitioned from this physical plain of existence had always been around me, cheering me on from the side-lines and helping to guide me.

The experience was exceptionally healing, and up until then I hadn’t even realised I needed healing! I recall how I felt as I left that Reading, I felt totally uplifted with a new found burning desire to help move this incredible experience of the afterlife from the shadows, into the mainstream.

It also kindled a deep curiosity in me to understand what was really going on here. I had to acknowledge to myself I was completely wrong in my previous long-held “left-brain version of reality” where I thought this was all “deluded nonsense”! But now I wanted to understand, just how wrong was I?

Over the last 5 years I have learned more about this incredible life than I did in my first 57 years on the planet! I have delved deep, yet still I know that what I have learned is only the tip of a very big iceberg! I will never stop learning, and I find this very exciting. My mind, and my heart are open to continue to learn and to grow.

All this has led me to a happiness that I didn’t know existed and a sense of inner-peace that remains regardless of the external stimulus out there that attempts to keep us small, I know we are so much more than many would have us believe.

I have learned that we are immortal spirits having a human experience, and that our lifeforce energy can never die! We simply transition from one form of being to another. Our physical body is just the incredible vessel in which we will travel throughout this lifetime, but it isn’t actually who we are. That would be like the driver of a car claiming to be the car! (Hi, my name is Ford Fiesta 1.3, with 68,325 miles on my clock, nice to meet you!)

I’ve learned we (our consciousness) will exist with or without a physical body, and that we have experienced much as different forms of energy, including (of course) the human experience on Earth, where we find ourselves now! Most of us will have had a multitude of lives on this planet before this one.

I’ve discovered that our Galactic-Cousins known to many as Extra Terrestrials, are simply alternate versions of "expressions of consciousness", and we might well take (or have taken) that form in a future (or past) incarnation.

There is nothing to fear, just because we realise intelligent life exists beyond the human form. They are far more evolved than mankind both technologically and spiritually. They were here at "The dawn of creation" of the planet, which means they were here before mankind! I also know they are here to help us at this time of transition. (To evidence this, see my interview with Sheila Seppi linked here).

I’ve learned that everything has consciousness. We don’t think of a rock as being alive (other than Dwain Johnson of course), but a rock does indeed have consciousness, and if you could go back through all your previous incarnations, then maybe you’ve been one too! It’s all about gaining experience in many forms over our billions of years of existence.

Oh, talking of “billions of years”, time doesn’t exist either, other than here in the physical plain, because we need linearity to make sense of everything, like a beginning and an end, black and white, right and wrong etc. Once you exit the physical you will better understand a concept that makes little sense to our limited human mind.

The way I heard it explained, is that if you think of linear time as a straight line, on which you could intersect birth and ultimate death, then that makes sense to us. However, rather than time being a straight line, if you think of time outside the physical realm as a circle, then it has no beginning or end. In reality it might be an endless spiral rather than a circle, but the circle gives us something we can understand. Those on “the other side” can intersect anywhere in the circle to see what happened, or is likely to happen.

This is also why “time-travel” in indeed possible because outside of the physical realm everything is happening simultaneously (WHAT??). And there are those on our planet that already time-travel, but first you have to move beyond our distorted, limited concepts with which we have been programmed throughout this lifetime and come to accept as our reality.

I have learned that we are here on Planet Earth at a time of significant change, and for those able to open their minds and their hearts to the real magnificent truth, “The Great Awakening” is upon us. Some will find this all too big a leap from the programming of life, and there is nothing wrong with that. We have free will to follow the path of our choice, and that should always be honoured. We are here for our own experience.

I've learned everything within all of creation is about balance and finding equilibrium. Mankind has ridden roughshod over this notion for many decades, taking without giving. But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, (the universal law of cause & effect). So brace yourselves for some harsh lessons from Planet Earth and Mother Nature as balance is restored. We may witness this in weather patterns and natural disasters, including a stirring up of The Ring of Fire! (& I’m not talking about the Post-Vindaloo aftermath, this one is even more serious!)

Unlike with the end of the Atlantean civilisation, we are not expecting a full blown cataclysm, but rest assured things are changing.

Planet Earth is increasing her vibrational frequency (and yes, Gaia Mother Earth is a conscious being too, along with all the other stars and planets). We know about the upshift of vibrational frequency by studying the changes in the Schumann Resonance. And as Nikola Tesla said, our entire biological system, the brain and the Earth itself work on the same frequencies.

In order to transition with Gaia we have to upshift our own frequencies too, out of low vibration dense energies of fear, anger & judgement etc., into high vibrational living, with love, gratitude, compassion, humility, celebration of life (& maybe karaoke?) at its heart!

Life is a celebration, so let us celebrate it! We can never die, so we might as well live, fearlessly, with compassion & kindness driving our “way of being”.. Become a “Ripple-Master” by creating those positive vibes that spread ever outwards across our community!


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