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Elevated Planet..

The Happiest Place on Earth!! (Disney relegated to second place)

The creation of our Elevated Planet Community

As you may well be aware, Socrates once said, “Quod arcanum est mutare focus industria omnia, ne pugnam ex antiquum: novus, sed in aedificationem”.

I can sense you looking at each other thinking “OMG that is so true!”

However, for the benefit of those for whom their Latin may be a little rusty.. Socrates said:

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new"

Well, believe it or not, Elevated Planet has exactly the same philosophy!

We're not sure if it was us or Socrates who actually said it first, (Plato thought it was us), but either way we have embedded the quote as our Mission Statement!

Image entitled: Plato explains to Socrates that Elevated Planet said it first!

Elevated Planet are all about putting the Unity back into CommUnity. Feeling good and celebrating life together. We turn the negative media on its head and have fun with it, and we offer you alternate versions of reality for your mind to conjure with.

To that point, you can visit "The Twiglet Zone" (fantastical tales accompanied by a savoury snack).

These stories are designed to test the boundaries of your reality, yet they are always the authors truth!

You then get to decide: "Do you see it as Truth, or Deluded Nonsense?"

Watch out for our "Deluded-Ometer Surveys" so you can cast your vote!

So, who are we?

Here we are! John Drew & Jolé Gabrielle, Co-Founders of Elevated Planet.

Jolé is a super talented Clairvoyant Theta Healer based in California. Her Guided Meditations / Visualizations are very popular with our community.

John is a UK based Writer, Vlogger and an annoyingly enthusiastic observer of life at a time of significant change on the planet (brace yourselves humanity! :-).

From January, we will be publishing our first ever Elevated Planet online magazine, in coordination with our sister publication, Psyche. Much like Psyche, Elevated Planet magazine will be produced every two months. That way you get one magazine a month, each with a slightly different flavour.

The Elevated Planet publication will be digging deep into "The Great Awakening" & "The New Earth" and the opportunities these long foretold events bring to humanity. Also, meditative wellbeing practices and the science behind the woo-woo!

We currently host our weekly Elevated Planet Live Event on YouTube (Sundays, 5pm UK), along with our weekly newsletter, to which anyone is welcome to subscribe, or attend. Simply email johnDrew@ElevatedPlanet.Life and we will add you to our distribution list, free of charge!

Why not come and join in the fun!


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